Posted: February 22, 2011 in BANDS
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A few years back, a record store had a big sale at TriNoma Mall. (Well, TriNoma stands for Triangle North of Manila. It’s in Quezon City, Philippines). There were a lot of cool CDs on sale that were not usually available in the shelves of the record store. Or in any local record store for that matter. I found a handful of obscure CDs from bands such as The Datsuns, Engineers, Morrissey, among many others. I didn’t know what to expect of the albums. But I bought them just the same. Of course I’m forever a big fan of Morrissey ever since he did vocal duties for The Smiths. As for the other albums I bought, I just relied on the album descriptions which were placed on sticky notes on the plastic covers of the CDs. One album which readily caught my attention was Faded Seaside Glamour by the band DELAYS. I bought the album mainly on the description on the sticky notes, whereby it was proclaimed proudly that they sound like a cross between The LAs and The Cocteau Twins. I remember rushing towards home like a bullet train. I’m a big fan of The LAs. They made me a believer because of “There She Goes”. I’m not a big fan though of The Cocteau Twins. I consider their music boring. 

I wanted to find out right away how DELAYS would fare with my music taste. I was awashed with excitement! I put the DELAYS CD on my Philips player without even bothering to take my shoes off in a strictly “SHOES OFF!” apartment. I made the house rule, though. SHOES OFF IN MY HOUSE! As soon as the opening notes of the first song in the album started blaring on my stereo, I was near tears. I couldn’t believe hearing another band which could produce such a beautiful melody. The last time I had such a strange but beautiful feeling was when I discovered The Stone Roses back in college. I was hooked since then.

As for DELAYS, not a day would pass without Faded Seaside Glamour blaring on my stereo. Or through my headphones. At home, at the office, everywhere, I’ve been listening tirelessly to DELAYS. I guess DELAYS is the best band in the world. Or maybe next only to The Smiths and The Stone Roses.

I feel frustrated though that I couldn’t find the other albums of DELAYS. I guess there will never come a time that their CDs will reach this side of the planet. Well, I could download their songs from the internet. But there’s a yearning inside of me to really own their CDs. Nothing can replace that ancient feeling of satisfaction when you are holding the actual CDs.


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