Posted: March 3, 2011 in PERSONAL

“Scars remind us where we’ve been. But they don’t have to dictate where we’re going”. These were the words of a character in the hit US TV series Criminal Minds (Season 5). They captured my full attention right away so much so that I didn’t have to wait for the episode’s ending credits to appear onscreen. I put on hold watching the next episode to write something about those words. I had to write in an instant, lest words screaming to be put in writing escape me forever.

We all have scars. But some are gone forever. But for a time they were there to remind us how we got them. How much we suffered when we got them. Those brief, fleeting moments when we had those scars could still send shivers down our spine when the memory of the pain, or the pain itself manifesting in some form, comes at any moment when we are vulnerable to anything. You can just imagine how hard it is coping with the reminders that came with those scars.

There are also scars that will be there with us forever. They will always remind us where we’ve been. These are the scars that we must be accustomed to. Scars that we must have to live with, to put it bluntly.

A few days ago, I was wounded. I accidentally kicked a bottle of soda that had been lying around in my living room for quite a while. It stood just below my couch. As I was trying to avoid the shards, I stepped on a big piece of the broken glasses. My foot had two gaping wounds. I was a bleeder. It gave me quite a scare.

Long before I had been wounded, I was already thinking about throwing the soda bottle away. But I was using it as an ashtray. It served a purpose. I am a utilitarian. When a thing may still prove to be useful and I bought it cheap or it was given to me for free, I will not throw it away. But because of that, I spent a few hundred bucks for medicines and tetanus vaccines. So much for trying to be a utilitarian.

I have regrets now. Lots of ‘em, actually. The accidents may, in hindsight, have been avoided. As of this writing, the wound is still fresh. But it’s healing fast. Thanks to a government doctor for prescribing life-saving medication. The doctor said he had a friend before who didn’t take care of his wounds just like mine. His friend has long ago met his Maker.

We may avoid scars if we learn to anticipate what may happen. Let’s face it. Accidents may be avoided, or its damage, minimized. Avoiding clumsiness is one effective deterrent. And getting rid of procrastination is another. But if we can’t avoid accidents, we must learn how to transcend the pain that go with them. And hope that the wounds will heal fast.

But, there’s a very big but, scars don’t have to dictate where we are going. Crazy as it may sound, let’s just be thankful for having those scars because they will help us avoid further disaster that may have been avoided in the first place.


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