Posted: March 7, 2011 in FREE FIRE

After going over the blog of mekanda on bargain toys and where to get them, I readily checked out one store he blogged about. It’s Anime Eztazion at Metrowalk, Ortigas, Pasig City. Cool store. Cool items. Cool location. Probably the best toy store in town. The man who was manning the store, Jun, was very accommodating. Rummaging through his wonderful merchandise was like going through your bestfriend’s toy collection. He was very helpful, too.

I was amazed by his merchandise. He has a large collection of everything anime.

I bought, for starters, four (4) action figures. One is a five-inch Shrek. Jun sold it to me at half the price at reasons only known to us. Hahaha

Second, I got a two-inch Puss ‘N Boots (that cunning cat from Shrek).

Third, I had a four-inch Neytiri (the exotic Nav’i from Avatar).

Lastly, I picked a four-inch pirate which looks like Captain Hook. I’m not sure if that’s him. But what the hell…? Hahaha

I couldn’t help but smile and then chortle like a child with my stash in my black plastic bag while I was on my way back to the office.

I told Jun that I may start to pick up the anime hobby. I told him I’d start with small items — action figures, comics, etc.

Anime Eztazion has a wide array of anime collection, such as but not limited to toys, comics, stickers and posters.

I recommend the store to everyone. I give the store a five-star rating!

  1. thf2 says:

    Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog…SO you live in the Philippines? I was there once, in 2000. I loved it! I want to go back…Maybe one day you can come out to the states and do a long distance hike! 🙂


  2. r3dg3 says:

    Yes I do. I live in Quezon City. Nice to know you loved being here in the Philippines in 2000. There are perfect locations here for long hikes that you need to know about. I haven’t tried hiking yet, though. But I think it’s cool. Regardless of what happened to Aron Ralston, I still think I’d want to try out that thing you do.

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