A few years back, a record store had a big sale at TriNoma Mall. (Well, TriNoma stands for Triangle North of Manila. It’s in Quezon City, Philippines). There were a lot of cool CDs on sale that were not usually available in the shelves of the record store. Or in any local record store for that matter. I found a handful of obscure CDs from bands such as The Datsuns, Engineers, Morrissey, among many others. I didn’t know what to expect of the albums. But I bought them just the same. Of course I’m forever a big fan of Morrissey ever since he did vocal duties for The Smiths. As for the other albums I bought, I just relied on the album descriptions which were placed on sticky notes on the plastic covers of the CDs. One album which readily caught my attention was Faded Seaside Glamour by the band DELAYS. I bought the album mainly on the description on the sticky notes, whereby it was proclaimed proudly that they sound like a cross between The LAs and The Cocteau Twins. I remember rushing towards home like a bullet train. I’m a big fan of The LAs. They made me a believer because of “There She Goes”. I’m not a big fan though of The Cocteau Twins. I consider their music boring. 

I wanted to find out right away how DELAYS would fare with my music taste. I was awashed with excitement! I put the DELAYS CD on my Philips player without even bothering to take my shoes off in a strictly “SHOES OFF!” apartment. I made the house rule, though. SHOES OFF IN MY HOUSE! As soon as the opening notes of the first song in the album started blaring on my stereo, I was near tears. I couldn’t believe hearing another band which could produce such a beautiful melody. The last time I had such a strange but beautiful feeling was when I discovered The Stone Roses back in college. I was hooked since then.

As for DELAYS, not a day would pass without Faded Seaside Glamour blaring on my stereo. Or through my headphones. At home, at the office, everywhere, I’ve been listening tirelessly to DELAYS. I guess DELAYS is the best band in the world. Or maybe next only to The Smiths and The Stone Roses.

I feel frustrated though that I couldn’t find the other albums of DELAYS. I guess there will never come a time that their CDs will reach this side of the planet. Well, I could download their songs from the internet. But there’s a yearning inside of me to really own their CDs. Nothing can replace that ancient feeling of satisfaction when you are holding the actual CDs.



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Part One.

I was standing atop a hill somewhere in Baguio City. That city up north. City of Pines. City of Lights. City of the Proud Igorots.

I had Marlboro Reds on my shirt pocket. I lit one. I blew circles for a while and then resigned to just holding the stick. I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I threw away my cigarette. I watched it roll down the hill. I watched it as it grew smaller until it flickered on and off. I envied the cigarette as it rested at the bottom of the hill. It rested there peacefully. Alone. Undisturbed.

The wind was blowing fiercely. Cool wind of summer. The rain was even attempting to marry the wind without the benefit of a courtship. Forced. Like a shotgun wedding. Or worse, even.

I was not alone. Or it felt like that. Alone, but not quite. The wind grew even more fiercely. And the rain was showing signs of forced matrimony. I scampered like a puppy when the marriage occurred with a deafening silence. I was expecting the onslaught of nature on the hapless earth. One cold blow brought forth a blinding array of lightning across the horizon. Incessant display of lightning kissed the summer skies. It rained like hell.

I failed to hit the cottage on time. I was drenched. Like a drenched puppy. I decided to just play in the rain, run around in circles, until I was gasping for breath. I stopped moving around. I sat on my Timberlands. Hands on my face, clasped. I felt dethroned, defeated. The marriage between the rain and the wind brought forth horrendous thoughts of yesteryears. Thoughts that were threatening to come alive again to torture me.

End of Part One.




Part Two.

I was roused from deep slumber by a familiar light scratch on my right hand. A slow, licking motion ensued. Then, a grunt. I managed to part my lips. When I smiled, I muttered, “Good morning. Nice to see you.” No reply. Expectedly. It was Sluggo. My Golden Retriever. Then I heard someone call out.

“What up?!”

“Say what?!”

“Oh, you don’t remember? Last night? I saw you near the cottage. On the hill.”

My mind raced back to that cottage incident. I don’t remember anything. At least for now. I hoped I could remember everything. All I could remember now was that I was alone, drenched, defeated.

Then it dawned on me. I remember I was not quite alone. I saw someone. Or something. Whatever it was, it never failed to send shivers down my spine. I remember the scent. Feminine. Fresh. Alluring. But it exuded darkness, danger,  pain, disgust, and contempt.

I saw her standing above me. She had a penetrating look. She had menacing eyes. She was, to the say the least, imposing. She was looking through me. She sensed my misery. She was now looking into my past. She had unlimited access to everything.

Her face looked familiar. She was someone from my distant past. Her eyes were now probing, begging for something. But I didn’t have the faintest idea why she had to do it that way. She came back. Who was it? For what? Vengeance? Retribution? To warn me of something? Then everything went black. It happened fast. It was a swift surrender to nothingness.

End of Part Two.



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I am relatively new at blogging. I don’t really know what to get out of it. Maybe it’s just self-fulfillment. You know, it’s that thing where you are able to do something worthwhile in your life, however petty it may be. And then it grows on you.

I don’t expect anyone to read and be interested in what I write about. Although somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I have the yearning that someday, my writings will be of interest to a few who may share the same passion I have for writing on any topic just for the heck of it.

I intend to keep writing just to keep my brain working. When your brain is working, properly, that is, you get to live longer and have the chance to offer your services to anyone who may be minded enough to ask you for help or favor.

My mother who is applying for a juicy position in a trial court asked me to compose an application letter for her. I have been sick for quite a while. I really didn’t have the inclination to write anything while I was sick. However, being sick has its rewards. Sort of. When you are sick, you get the rare opportunity to reassess your life in a way that you don’t normally do when you are as healthy as a horse.

Today, I decided to compose my mother’s application letter. It’s long overdue. It’s been two weeks since she last asked me to. I hope and pray that she lands the job. If she doesn’t get the job, oh well, at least she tried aiming for the moon. I will support my mother in any endeavor that she thinks is worth her time. When she gets something out of any endeavor that she lays her eyes on, definitely, our yuletide celebration will be a blast. And she and the rest of the family may celebrate Christmas with me in Manila or in Baguio. Come to think of it, aiming for the moon is not such a bad idea after all. At least you have something to live for.

For now, I will end this article so that I will have sufficient time to do my mother a big favor. A big favor since all her life, she has been working to put food on the table and to see my son through his elementary education.

I owe my mother my life, as any child owes everything to the one who gave him a chance to make a big difference in the world.

I love my mother so much. All my life I have been a pain in the neck. Today, I intend to reform and try to aim for the moon. But I will live one day at a time. No rush.


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My family does not know I got back with my long-time girlfriend.

I don’t know how to break the news to my family. Maybe I am just waiting for the right opportunity. My girlfriend — MMCT, initials for now — has been encouraging me to break the news. We fight over it from time to time. Women …

MMCT insists that I do it soon. However, I have yet to wait for her to tell me to talk to her father. Oh well, that’s another story.

Life is stranger than fiction. I heard this a long time ago. Truth is stranger than fiction. That’s another thing. I heard this from the punk band, Bad Religion. Cool band, by the way.

Life really is stranger than fiction. If life is fiction, everything would have been how I wanted it to be. But life isn’t. So I have to roll with the punches, so to speak.


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Blogging is a cool thing after all. You can write about almost anything without due regard to convention. But I intend to keep lapses in grammar to a minimum. How about lapses in logic? I intend to keep them at a minimum, too. But I will allow myself to go astray from time to time. Life is hard enough so sometimes logic must be kept at bay when the need arises. Isn’t that cool? Life should not be taken too seriously at all times you know. Crazy as it is, life is all about having fun. Find fun at work or in every serious thing that you do so when the real fun comes, you will enjoy it more.


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In the controversy surrounding the creation of facebook, I am more inclined to believe Zuckerberg’s side of the story. He invented the said social networking site. The guy is a genius. NO doubt about that. He is the only one who could have the brains to create facebook. The Winklevoss twins may have happened to broach the idea of coming up with such a site. However, they couldn’t have done it on their own. If they  invented the site, or had the idea of such site, they should have not approached Zuckerberg in the first place. They should have done it on their own. It was Zuckerberg who put everything up. facebook was his own idea. He deserves all the credit. Great inventions come from brilliant minds who put it in actual practice.

They say Zuckerberg stole the idea for the website. If that is to be believed, it is dangerous then to put in practice an idea since it may be subject to attacks once it proves to be a successful or lucrative endeavor. The Winklevoss twins should create another web thing which they could truly call their own, from conceptualization to actualization.


To be continued …

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THis is my first attempt at blogging. I have yet to select what topic I should write about. Hence, the title.