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What’s the best spot along Padre Faura Street in Manila? I bet you would not pick what I have in mind.

The best spot occupies only around 3 sq. m. with no signboards or anything to identify it as a commercial establishment.

It’s a mobile book cum DVD store — the most mobile store there is. The store is manned by at least 2 guys. Their merchandise are spread on cheap rugs and boxes. But their book and dvd collection is far from cheap. It’s amazing! Those guys really know well their merchandise and their market. They have a stash of books whose authors include Harper Lee, Ernest Hemingway, Og Mandino, Dante, Ayn Rand and classic DVDs ranging from Woodstock concerts to Academy Award-winning movies.

The prices are reasonable and you may give those guys your wish list of book and DVD titles. Give them a few days and, voila!

I bought from them, for starters, Shōgun by James Clavell and To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

I’ve searched everywhere but it’s only at Padre Faura where I found those books.